Preparation of the clear chinese balloons

The clear balloons from AliExpress are the most economical way to fly superpressure balloons. They cost in the range of $1.50 each and two are required. They have survived at least 9 complete circumnavigations of the earth. They float a little lower than the SBS-13 so they are a bit more likely to run intoContinue reading “Preparation of the clear chinese balloons”

Launch on Thursday @ 11:30 AM and Saturday  @ 9 AM

We will be sending balloons from the Berkeley Marina There is a bug in the software so it is sending on 20/30 m on alternate transmissions. I am testing with just a short wire and am receiving it fine so it will be interesting how it does with a 20 dipole. Tune in for K6RGGContinue reading “Launch on Thursday @ 11:30 AM and Saturday  @ 9 AM”

New Solar Power Design

Going with cheap Chinese polysilicon solar cells over Powerfilm. The difference between the two in weight is: polysilicon – 3.75 g, Powerfilm is 6.7 g. The cost difference is enormous. The polysilicon is incredibly fragile. The flat connecting wire is called “tabbing” wire and comes pre soldered. I tried using a soldering iron and foundContinue reading “New Solar Power Design”