First Friday at Chabot Space and Science Center

SF-HAB attended the May 5, 2023 edition of First Friday. Many were interested in tracking and collecting National Weather Service radiosondes launched twice daily from Oakland Airport.

Some related links:

Become a licensed amateur radio operator: ARRL

Become a amateur radio citizen scientist:  HamSCI

Join SF-HAB June 17 for the Great Plains Super Launch

Track NWS radiosonde flights launched at Oakland Airport 4 pm & 4 am daily sondehub

Chase and collect NWS radiosondes:  MySondy GO v2 ,  Google Play Store

Receive and report NWS radiosonde radio signals with a Rapsberry Pi and RTL-SDR:

Learn about NWS Radiosondes

SF-HAB at Chabot Space and Science Center TinkerFest 2023

Tinkerfest is a one-day event that celebrates the creative, curious, and inventive spirit in all of us. Tinkerfest will bring together makers, artists, and tinkerers to showcase their work and invite attendees of all ages to join in on the DIY fun. Activities are geared towards a family audience, but we welcome all visitors to experiment and learn with guest speakers, demonstrations, and fun hands-on activities! 

SF-HAB will have a table at TinkerFest 2023. We will fly several tethered balloons with fun payloads. Transmissions will be displayed & decoded along with the received audio. It should be fun for all!