W6MRR-20 Visits Great Lakes/Canada

W6MRR-20 was launched at 9 am PST October 9 from Berkeley Marina. It was transported overnight from NW Los Angeles to the Great Lakes. I am using new software to send Type 3 WSPR messages for better location but there’s a bug in the The AMSAT Argentina LU7AA website is really interesting – check itContinue reading “W6MRR-20 Visits Great Lakes/Canada”

Launch on Thursday @ 11:30 AM and Saturday  @ 9 AM

We will be sending balloons from the Berkeley Marina There is a bug in the software so it is sending on 20/30 m on alternate transmissions. I am testing with just a short wire and am receiving it fine so it will be interesting how it does with a 20 dipole. Tune in for K6RGGContinue reading “Launch on Thursday @ 11:30 AM and Saturday  @ 9 AM”

How High Is The Balloon?

The WSPR power field is used to convey altitude. (I’m using a 10 mW output into a dipole). The latest data can be found in the WSPRnet database. The WSPR data is transferred to APRS.fi with this format: RX_UTC_day  RX_UTC_time  Callsign  Frequency_MHz  RX_SNR_dB  RX_drift  TX_gridsquare  TX_power_dBm  RX_callsign  RX_gridsquare  RX_miles