K6EAU-11 in the air for second week

We had a successful launch of a Yokahma balloon using Kazu’s AG6NS new Raspberry Pi RP2040 based tracker. We launched from the Paragliding Meeting Spot in the Ed R. Levin Santa County Park on Saturday, May 13 at 9 am. The balloon has been floating from 41 k to 43 k feet. This is theContinue reading “K6EAU-11 in the air for second week”

First Friday at Chabot Space and Science Center

SF-HAB attended the May 5, 2023 edition of First Friday. Many were interested in tracking and collecting National Weather Service radiosondes launched twice daily from Oakland Airport. Some related links: Become a licensed amateur radio operator: ARRL Become a amateur radio citizen scientist:  HamSCI Join SF-HAB June 17 for the Great Plains Super Launch TrackContinue reading “First Friday at Chabot Space and Science Center”

SF-HAB at Chabot Space and Science Center TinkerFest 2023

Tinkerfest is a one-day event that celebrates the creative, curious, and inventive spirit in all of us. Tinkerfest will bring together makers, artists, and tinkerers to showcase their work and invite attendees of all ages to join in on the DIY fun. Activities are geared towards a family audience, but we welcome all visitors to experiment and learn with guestContinue reading “SF-HAB at Chabot Space and Science Center TinkerFest 2023”