How High Is The Balloon?

The WSPR power field is used to convey altitude. (I’m using a 10 mW output into a dipole). The latest data can be found in the WSPRnet database. The WSPR data is transferred to with this format: RX_UTC_day  RX_UTC_time  Callsign  Frequency_MHz  RX_SNR_dB  RX_drift  TX_gridsquare  TX_power_dBm  RX_callsign  RX_gridsquare  RX_miles

New Solar Power Design

Going with cheap Chinese polysilicon solar cells over Powerfilm. The difference between the two in weight is: polysilicon – 3.75 g, Powerfilm is 6.7 g. The cost difference is enormous. The polysilicon is incredibly fragile. The flat connecting wire is called “tabbing” wire and comes pre soldered. I tried using a soldering iron and foundContinue reading “New Solar Power Design”

Welcome To SF-HAB

A community of interest for amateur radio and ballooning in all forms. We will be presenting at Pacificon on October 16 from 1 to 1:50 pm. We fly balloons when weather permits, please join us! We announce flights on our mailing list. We chat about ballooning on the San Francisco Radio Club’s Slack channel, #high-altitude-balloon.