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After a successful launch at Hayward Cannery Park; K6WW, KN6KZF, K6EAU, W6MRR, K6RGG
After a successful launch at Hayward Cannery Park; K6WW, KN6KZF, K6EAU, W6MRR, K6RGG

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A community of interest for amateur radio and ballooning in all forms. We fly balloons when weather permits, please join us!

Pacificon 2021 presentation (PDF) on Pico Balloons

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We also chat about ballooning on the sf-hab-chatter@groups.io list.

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  • Our First Latex Floater
    Most latex balloons are used to rapidly ascend to burst altitude and land gracefully with a parachute (aka burster, pop & drop, etc.) We tried something different. Last Sunday we tried a latex balloon for a high altitude float: K6RGG-14. It was a 100g Hwoyee with 5 g of net lift. The payload was 20Continue reading “Our First Latex Floater”
  • Launch on November 13th at 9am
    We’re launching a balloon this Sunday morning, November 13th at 9:00 AM pacific time. If you’re in the area and would like to see the launch, please join us at the Cannery Park in Hayward, CA. See the map link below for the exact location. HAB Launch Site On Google Maps 37.6662798,-122.0985293
  • Supercon Launch Videos
    It didn’t happen if there aren’t pix, so: The W3HAC balloon flatted out overnight but is still beaconing from somewhere in DM36, which is a large area to search. W6MRR-26 was last reported over Algeria at ~42 K feet.
  • Supercon Lauch Update 11/6/22
    For some reason W6MRR-26 woke up today, but not yesterday. See the AMSAT Argentina site or APRS. So the trasnmitter is wonky but the altitude is looking good – 43K’. W3HAC also woke up today as it did yesterday but appears to by sitting on the ground in DM36II land. Stay tuned!

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