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Welcome to the High Altitude Balloon resource in the San Francisco Bay Area

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A community of interest for amateur radio and ballooning in all forms. We fly balloons when weather permits, please join us!

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Recent Posts

  • W6MRR-25 Away
    Peter W6DEI and I launched a new fangled Yokohama balloon with a standard tracker. The balloon had been stretched to 100″ diameter. You can track it here
  • Picoballoon Launch Sunday 6/18 9 AM
    We will be meeting by the Berkeley Marina – https://maps.app.goo.gl/erjqu1VxkXkdZtqg6 We will be sending the same tracker with a new Yokohama balloon. It will be sending as W6MRR on 20 m WSPR. If it lights up it will be W6MRR-25 on APRS.
  • New Tracker Underway
    Kazu AG6NS ran out of space for more things like 2 m APRS and 20 m data over SSTV. I had tried a dual 2 m/20 m tracker before but gave up due to self interference. I was using a 6 g 0.5 W FM VHF transmitter module and it caused the ATMega1284 to lockContinue reading “New Tracker Underway”
  • Useful Pico ballooning Tips
    Dave VE3KCL is the big dog of pico ballooning. He has done an huge number of fascinating experiments with amazing results (most of the time). Stretching Chinese Balloons Some notes about flying clear Chinese balloons with the U4B transmitter

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