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A community of interest for amateur radio and ballooning in all forms. We fly balloons when weather permits, please join us!

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  • W6MRR-22 Last Report
    There were a few final position reports on 2021-12-23. The balloon had not crossed the Intentional Date Line but has gotten further than previous attempts. The last signals were received by CA stations so at least my signals circumnavigated.
  • Alaska by Christmas?
    Despite the wonky transmitter, W6MRR-22 did get a few reports out. W6MRR-22 Position
  • Pico Balloon Race with Cal
    Dr. Michael Lustig, a professor at Cal, launched a balloon (NU6XB) with his students about the same time. We are are catching up.
  • HAB Bursts Greatest Hits
    We were exchanging pix of HABs bursting. Here are a few.

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