New Tracker Underway

Kazu AG6NS ran out of space for more things like 2 m APRS and 20 m data over SSTV. I had tried a dual 2 m/20 m tracker before but gave up due to self interference. I was using a 6 g 0.5 W FM VHF transmitter module and it caused the ATMega1284 to lock up. QRP Labs had this problem and solved it with a metal can over the microcontroller chip. I had some leftover 1284s and am spinning up a new board. It will run at 10 MHz/3.3 V to conserve power. The 1284 has 128K flash vs 32K on the 328s. Kazu has already demonstrated APRS on 2 m but the 328 didn’t have room for WSPR and SSTV. A Si5351 with be used to synthesize the output signals. A separate LPF is on each of the the 3 outputs and a BME 280 is used for temperature, air pressure and humidity. I think we’ll need amplification to get anywhere with APRS but not 0.5W. If you’d like to help out with this – let us know.

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