Choosing the time and place For A Launch

The time and place to launch your picoballoon is important. Things to consider are location, surface wind, cloud cover, the path the balloon will follow during ascent and the path it will follow one at float altitude. Consider the things that can go wrong. The balloon can drag across the ground, snag a tree orContinue reading “Choosing the time and place For A Launch”

Considerations for generating your own hydrdogen

It is not uncommon, at first, to consider producing your own hydrogen. This has been done successfully by one individual and his balloon circumnavigated the world once. In general the effort is rather big and is just generally a poor idea. If you intend to produce hydrogen with wet chemistry, make sure you know enoughContinue reading “Considerations for generating your own hydrdogen”

General Description of the preparation of a balloon

These tend not to be the electronics but from not understanding the balloons and how they work. So, the first part of this presentation is to build awareness of what the mistakes might be. If you release a balloon and you had an error is how you prepared and planned the launch, the balloon willContinue reading “General Description of the preparation of a balloon”

Altitude, superpressure and Volume Calculations

It is important to know the volume of a balloon in order to run the calculations in the spreadsheet float1g. That spreadsheet does all the math for you and you need to know the payload weight, the balloon weight, the free lift and the volume of the balloon. The weight of the balloon and theContinue reading “Altitude, superpressure and Volume Calculations”