SSTV Tethered Balloon – Sunday, March 6 @ 11:00AM @ Berkeley Marina

We’re trying something new this time: floating a tethered balloon with an ESP32-CAM that will transmit SSTV images on 20m, frequency 14.236MHz USB Mode Martin-1. This is a project that Kazu AG6NS has been working on recently, with some help from Martin W6MRR. To see this in person, go to the northern area of theContinue reading “SSTV Tethered Balloon – Sunday, March 6 @ 11:00AM @ Berkeley Marina”

Launch on February 27th at 9am

We’re launching a pico balloon this Sunday morning, February 27th at 9:00AM pacific time. Additionally, there may be testing of a separate SSTV camera equipped payload. The launch site is on the south-west side of the Berkeley Marina. See the map below for the position.